Essential SIP and MSRP .NET Software Libraries

Konnetic products and services enable IT professionals to easily create powerful and high performance Session Initiation Protocol and Message Session Relay Protocol applications using any .NET language.

Unity SIP .NET SDK $200

Simple and complete SIP signalling

A set of RFC-compliant high-functionality class libraries which manage SIP signalling, messaging and SDP offer/answer. Designed to support the development of multimedia and collaborative .NET applications and services.

Utter MSRP .NET SDK $50

Future Proof Instant Messaging

The first .NET MSRP stack. Manages MSRP messaging alone or in conjunction with SIP/SDP. Allows the development of .NET instant messaging applications and services within IMS or a SIMPLE platform.

Ubiquity IMS .NET Client $650

Fully compliant and multiplatform

A fully managed platform empowering developers to create IMS-based applications running on Mono or Windows. The feature-rich API abstracts away low-level protocols to support fast functional development.

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